Paul McCartney Concerts Are Historical Events

by Noiz 22. April 2014 07:55

Paul McCartney Concerts Are Historical Events

Throughout April, Sir Paul McCartney will be touring South America.  In Mid-May, the former Beatle is off to perform in Japan and South Korea.

America will welcome Macca back to its shores beginning June 14 with a concert at the United Spirit Arena in Lubbock, Texas.  The 2014 U.S. leg of his “Out There Tour” ends Aug. 7 in Salt Lake City at the Energy Solutions Arena.

In total, there are 15 Paul McCartney concerts scheduled for the United States this summer.  There are a couple of sizable gaps in his itinerary so more shows might be added.

Paul is hitting the road to support his sixteenth studio album, New.  The oeuvre dropped Oct. 15, 2013 and peaked at number three in the both the U.S. and the U.K.  It was executive produced by Giles Martin, the son of Beatles producer George Martin.

Paul McCartney’s song list will be culled from his entire B.W.S. catalog (Beatles, Wings, solo) and he’s bringing along his longtime band: keyboardist Paul "Wix" Wickens, guitarist Brian Ray, guitarist Rusty Anderson, and drummer Abe Laboriel, Jr.

One of my favorite aspects of any Paul McCartney tour is the attention paid to his destinations.  In news articles about his itinerary, even on a national level, there’s always mention of cities and venues he’s visiting for the first time.  If he hasn’t visited a town or concert hall in a while that gets mentioned too.

Paul is one of the few artists who receives this type of treatment.  Yes, you might see it on a local level for a big star.  A small town entertainment reporter may mention, in passing, that Fleetwood Mac hasn’t played in such-and-such community for “X amount of years” or KISS hasn’t rock this venue since “insert local culture reference.”

And of course, there’s Phish.  Their past concerts frequently get recounted because of the salaciousness surrounding the high arrest rate of Phans.

Artists like Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Buffett, and Billy Joel are associated with impressive sellout streaks at certain arenas but even they don’t get the “Lincoln slept here” treatment that Paul gets.

Then again, Paul McCartney is an historical figure and wherever he plays, whether for the first time or the zillionth, it’s important.

For example, in several articles about Paul McCartney’s upcoming U.S. tour it’s mentioned that he’s never played Lubbock, Texas before.  It’s a significant city in the annals of rock and roll as it’s the birthplace of Buddy Holly.

In another batch of stories about Mac’s tour, we learned that he’ll play Louisville, Kentucky and Albany, New York for the very first time.  Those dates are June 26 and July 5 respectively.

On July 12, Paul’s in Fargo, North Dakota for a gig at the Fargodome.  Then on July 14, Lincoln, Nebraska welcomes The Walrus to the Pinnacle Bank Arena.  The former Wings frontman has never played either of those cities before.  In Fargo, they announced Paul’s forthcoming arrival at a press conference featuring the mayor.

I doubt it’s ever news, or even a big deal, if Aerosmith or Dave Matthews Band plays a city for the first time.  They certainly don’t get the mayor showing up at a presser.

The municipality doesn’t need to be a “McCartney virgin” to get ink.  If Paul hasn’t performed there in a while, that’s newsworthy too.  For example, Paul’s show in New Orleans on June 19 is his first since 2002.  And on June 22, the legendary musician plays his first full concert ever in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Sprint Center in Kansas City, Kansas hosts a Paul McCartney show on July 16.  Paul played in K.C. as recently as 2010, but as most news stories about his tour will tell you, that was his first gig in the Sunflower State in 17 years.

If McCartney has a history performing in a specific town then that gets extensive detailing as well.  Case in point, Minneapolis is quite proud of its many Macca moments.

On Aug. 2 2014, Paul will play Minneapolis for the fifth time in his career but it will be his first at Target Field.  Paul has also played there in 2005 and 1993 as a solo artist, in 1976 as a member of Wings, and as a Beatle in 1965. 

Like I said before, a Paul McCartney performance isn’t just a great concert it’s also an historical event.  It also helps that he doesn’t tour very often.

Paul McCartney setlist from April 19 concert in Uruguay:
“Eight Days a Week”
“Save Us”
“All My Loving”
“Listen to What the Man Said”
“Let Me Roll It”
“Paperback Writer”
“My Valentine”
“The Long and Winding Road”
“Maybe I'm Amazed”
“I've Just Seen a Face”
“We Can Work It Out”
“Another Day”
”And I Love Her”
“Here Today”
“Queenie Eye”
“Lady Madonna”
“All Together Now”
“Lovely Rita”
“Everybody Out There”
“Eleanor Rigby”
“Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite”
“Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”
“Band On the Run”
“Back in the U.S.S.R.”
“Let It Be”
“Live and Let Die”
“Hey Jude”
“Day Tripper”
“Hi, Hi, Hi”
“Get Back”
“Helter Skelter”
“Golden Slumbers”/“Carry That Weight”/“The End"

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Christine McVie Means Big McBucks For Fleetwood Mac

by Noiz 21. April 2014 09:41

Christine McVie Means Big McBucks For Fleetwood Mac

She’s back.

Christine McVie has rejoined Fleetwood Mac after 16 years away.  She left the band in 1998 after they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and their successful “The Dance Tour.”  Her return means the band is back to the lineup that conquered the rock and roll world in the mid-1970s.

"I'm a pig in a pile of poo really.  It is a time warp; it is very, very happy.  None of the nonsense with the drink and the nasty stuff.  We're all grown up, of course." – Christine McVie

McVie joins compatriots Mick Fleetwood and John McVie as well as Americans Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham.  That’s the same five that made Rumours (1977), Tusk (1979), and Mirage (1982).

The 70-year-old singer is responsible for such Fleetwood Mac classics as "Say You Love Me," “Don’t Stop,” "You Make Loving Fun" and "Little Lies.”

McVie departed from Fleetwood Mac at her own behest.  Even though the members she left behind thought she’d never return they are welcoming her return with open arms.

“As far as we’re concerned, she’s never really left.  We are overjoyed to have Christine back on stage with us.” – From a statement released by the other four members of Fleetwood Mac.

As you’ll soon see, Fleetwood Mac fans are also happy that McVie is back.  They’re saying as much with their pocketbooks.

Reunion Tour
The band, including McVie, launches the “On With the Show Tour” on Sept. 20 at the Target Center in Minneapolis.  That’s followed by two shows at the United Center in Chicago on Oct. 2 and Oct. 3.  Then Fleetwood Mac performs consecutive nights in New York City at the world famous Madison Square Garden.

Other stops on their itinerary include Philadelphia on Oct. 15, Saskatoon on Nov. 12, and San Jose on Nov. 25.  On Dec. 14, look for Fleetwood Mac in Dallas at the American Airlines Center.  The band’s last date of 2014 is scheduled for Dec. 20.  They did say, however, that they’ll return in 2015 to finish their excursion of North America and to tour Europe.

We’re sure McVie would agree that her repatriation, while big, isn’t on the same level as Ozzy Osbourne reuniting with Black Sabbath or David Lee Roth returning to Van Halen.  Even so, it’s paying huge dividends.  When it comes to Fleetwood Mac there’s apparently a big difference between four members of the “big five” and all five members of the “big five.”

You disagree?  Well, just check out Fleetwood Mac ticket sales.  C-Mac’s return has given them a big boost.  Earlier in the month, the average price of Fleetwood Mac tickets on the secondary market was $333.  That’s up nearly 19 percent from the band’s 2013 tour. 

Secondary ticket prices will continue to rise as the concerts near.  Already, there are four Fleetwood Mac concerts with an average ticket price over $400.  Clearly, Christine McVie’s homecoming is making a difference at the box office.

The reason is simple.  A huge part of attending a concert is gaining bragging rights.  We go so we can say “I saw Fleetwood Mac live!”  Saying you saw the quintessential Fleetwood Mac lineup rock “Don’t Stop” and “Hold Me” is worth far more than saying you saw a truncated Fleetwood Mac eke out “The Chain” or “Tusk.”

A big reason for Fleetwood Mac’s success in the 1970s was the soap opera like antics that were going on within the band.  If you think today’s reality television shows are salacious they all pale in comparison to the tribulations of Fleetwood Mac.  When Lindsey or Stevie or Christine sang about a sour relationship or a bad break up they were probably singing about someone on stage.

Oddly enough, McVie’s departure from the Mac had little to do with her relationships with the other four.  She left Fleetwood Mac because she was tired of touring, had an immense fear of flying, and wanted to leave Los Angeles for the solitude of the England countryside.

"I had some deluded idea that I wanted to … basically hang out with my Range Rover and my dogs and bake cookies or something." – Christine McVie

Fear of Flying
That country living of hers began to have an adverse effect.  What was once a source of relaxation and tranquility began to make her “quite ill and depressed?”  Then in 2012 she had an “epiphany.”

"I started to think, 'What am I doing?  I really miss that camaraderie with those four people.  I miss everything about it.'" – Christine McVie

There was still a problem, McVie was afraid of flying.  It’s hard to tour nowadays if you can’t fly.  So McVie hired a therapist and before long she was on a flight to Maui where Mick Fleetwood lives.  While there, McVie played in Fleetwood’s blues band.  That got the ball rolling for her return and a Fleetwood Mac reunion

“Don’t Stop”
Then in September of 2013, she joined Fleetwood Mac on stage at London’s O2 Arena for a performance of “Don’t Stop.”  McVie said afterwards that it felt like she never left and that she was surrounded by family.  After speaking with the band, she realized it was right to return.

Of course, Mick, John, Stevie, and Lindsey wanted some reassurance.  They wanted to know if Christine McVie was physically and mentally prepared for the hard work and grueling conditions of being on road.

“I just said with a big capital ‘Y,’ ‘Yes—I’m going to challenge myself and I want to do it more than anything in the world.’  It’s just such a joy.  It’s an affirmation of something so magical, there’s just a chemistry between us that’s just phenomenal.” – Christine McVie

In addition to the upcoming tour, the future might also hold a new Fleetwood Mac album.  McVie said Lindsey is going through some demos of hers looking to see if they can “construct some proper tracks.”

The last Fleetwood Mac album, Say You Will, dropped in 2003.  It contained no contributions from Christine McVie.  The last Fleetwood Mac album made by the “big five” was 1987’s Tango in the Night.

Mac Attack
Christine McVie’s real name is Christine Perfect.  She changed it in 1970 when she married John McVie.  Also in that year, Christine officially joined Fleetwood Mac.  Christine and John divorced in 1978.

Incidentally, Peter Green founded the band in 1967 and named it “Fleetwood Mac” to entice Mick Fleetwood and John McVie to join.  Fleetwood did so immediately and remains the band’s only constant member.  McVie joined the band in 1967 too but he did so after their first gig and the recording of their first single.

Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac in 1974.

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Austin Mahone vs. Justin Bieber

by Noiz 17. April 2014 09:51

Austin Mahone vs. Justin Bieber

It’s finally here.  Or at least, we finally have a date for when it will be here.

Teenage superstar Austin Mahone will release his highly anticipated debut album on May 27.  He also released the album’s title.  It will be called The Secret.  Up until this point in his career, the heartthrob has only released one EP and seven singles.

It’s amazing that Austin Mahone has become a household name on the strength of eight songs.  Clearly, this is not your father’s music biz anymore.

The Announcement
Austin announced details of album and his tour on his 18th birthday.  That’s a pretty cool way to celebrate becoming an adult.  On my 18th birthday the only thing I announced was a “B” in geometry.

“Thank you for supporting me and sticking with me all this time. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday than to be able to announce new music and a huge tour for all you guys!” —Austin Mahone

The Tour
To promote his pending opus, Mahone has plotted a decent-sized tour of North America.  The trek launches July 25 in San Antonio, Texas (his hometown) and concludes Sept. 9 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Highlights of “MTV’s Artist to Watch Tour” include the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles on July 30; the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Aug. 20; and The Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis, Missouri on Sept. 5.

The Vamps, Fifth Harmony, Shawn Mendes, and Alex Angelo have been tapped to perform opening duties at select shows.

The Stakes
This is not only a great time to be an Austin Mahone fan but a great time to be Austin Mahone.  Without a doubt this is the biggest year of his young music career.  But is it a make or break year?  It definitely is a make or break year, but if his past successes are any indication, Mr. Mahone is going to crush it in 2014.

Austin vs. Justin
I don’t think it’s fair to either artist but when you’re 25 months apart, and both successful pop singers, you’re going to be compared to one another.  I’m of course talking about Austin Mahone being compared to Justin Bieber.  Whether they like it or not—whether we like it or not—the two will be linked for the rest of their long careers.

“I want people to see that I'm my own artist.  I'm making a path for myself.”—Austin Mahone

Just how similar are they?  Just how different are they?  Below, I compare and contrast the artists in a variety of categories.  As you’ll soon learn, the two singers DO have a lot in common but they also have some noticeable differences.  These differences clearly indicate that Austin Mahone is anything but a Justin Bieber clone.

No, I’m not talking about Justin Bieber’s on-again and off-again romance with Selena Gomez.  I’m talking about the bromance between Austin and Justin. 

Recently, Austin and Justin spent some time together in a recording studio in Los Angeles.  Justin had a song he thought would be awesome to record with Austin.  Several photos of their studio session were posted on the internet.

"It's amazing. It was really weird being in the studio with him cause I did cover a lot of songs of his in the beginning.  He's just [really] talented and works real well in the studio." —Austin Mahone

During a break in recording the two played hoops, and afterwards, Justin treated Austin to dinner to celebrate his 18th birthday. 

The recording session was not the first time the two pinups have met, but will it be the last?  I mean, was this really two buddies making music together or was Justin just keeping his enemies closer?  I’m going to give Justin the benefit of the doubt and say his intentions were admirable.  But if Austin’s album and tour take off (like we all know they will), and he begins to cut into Bieber’s bottom line, then all bets are off.

Austin just celebrated his 18th birthday (April 4, 1996).  Justin just turned 20 (March 1, 1994).  Together they’re the same age as Michael Bublé, Jack White, and Jack Johnson

Austin celebrated the “big one-eight” in Miami.  Before having dinner with friends and family, he tootled around South Beach on his Segway and drove around in his matching Range Rover. 

I’m no swagger coach or anything, but judging from their videos, it looks to me like they are trying to make Austin look younger and Bieber look older.  I’m just saying.

It’s hard to compare the two musically since Austin’s repertoire is so small, but I’m going to do it anyways.  Austin’s music is pop mixed with hip hop, EDM, and some rap.  Justin’s sound has a more soulful and R&B feel.  That makes sense since Austin is signed to Cash Money Records and Justin is a protégé of Usher. 

Justin has really thrown the gauntlet down when it comes to chart success.  Justin has released three studio albums and all three have gone to number one on the Billboard 200.  He also sent two remix albums to that chart’s pinnacle position. 

When it comes to the charts, there is one thing that neither artist has done… yet.  And that’s notch a number one single in the United States.  The closest Justin came was “Boyfriend.”  In 2012, that single peaked at number two.  It will take Austin a while to post three number one albums but he can beat Justin to the top of the singles chart long before then.

Austin is not just an American.  He’s a Texan too!  Austin hails from San Antonio.  As everyone knows, Justin is Canadian.  What many don’t know is Justin has zero interest in becoming a U.S. citizen.  He’s living in America on a 0-1 visa.

Both Austin and Justin were raised by single mothers.  Austin’s father died when he was a year and half old.  Justin’s mother was 17 when she had Justin and never married his father.  Although Justin’s dad was in his life, he was really raised by his mother.

Again, this is a hard category to compare the two since Austin’s career is basically just starting and Justin (even at 20) is an established mega-superstar.  Even so, both dudes have names for their loyal legions of fans.  Austin’s supporters call themselves “Mahomies” while Justin’s followers are “Beliebers.”  I don’t know about you but I like “Mahomies” much better.

Social Media
Here’s a breakdown of the two artist’s popularity on social media.  Remember, Justin has a huge head start on Austin.

Austin – 5.76 million followers
Justin – 51 million followers

Austin – 9.3 million likes
Justin – 65.5 million likes

Austin’s Channel – 1,179,169 subscribers
Justin’s channel – 9,229,612 subscribers

Justin has two mammoth treks under his belt, the 2010 My World Tour and the 2012 Believe Tour.  Combined, those two jaunts had Justin performing 292 concerts.  In 2013, Austin opened for Bridgit Mendler 25 times and Taylor Swift for five more.  His upcoming tour will be Austin’s first opportunity to really flex his performance muscles. 

Austin has appeared as himself on episodes of Big Time Rush and Awesomeness TV.  His big television role came in 2014 when he played a younger version of the character “Adam” on the hit CBS sitcom The Millers.  Of course, Justin has Austin trumped with his two appearances on another CBS show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.  Justin played “Jason McCann.”

Both Austin and Justin were discovered on YouTube.  Justin released his first single when he was 15 and Austin when he was 16.  Justin is one of the most powerful celebrities in the world and Austin is well on his way to becoming a superstar.  The future is bright for both young men.  The only thing that is really standing in their way is each other. 

Austin Mahone - MTV’s Artist to Watch Tour 2014
>>July 25 - Austin Mahone in San Antonio, TX @ Freeman Coliseum
>>July 26 - Austin Mahone in Houston, TX @ NRG Arena
>>July 27 - Austin Mahone in Grand Prairie, TX @ Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie
>>July 29 - Austin Mahone in Phoenix, AZ @ Comerica Theatre
>>July 30 - Austin Mahone in Los Angeles, CA @ Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE
>>July 31 - Austin Mahone in Las Vegas, NV @ The Joint @ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
>>Aug. 2 - Austin Mahone in San Jose, CA @ Event Center at San Jose State University
>>Aug. 4 - Austin Mahone in Redmond, WA @ Marymoor Park Amphitheatre
>>Aug. 6 - Austin Mahone in Salt Lake City, UT @ Maverik Center
>>Aug. 7 - Austin Mahone in Broomfield, CO @ 1stBank Center
>>Aug. 9 - Austin Mahone in Milwaukee, WI @ Eagles Ballroom
>>Aug. 10 - Austin Mahone in Minneapolis, MN @ U.S. Bank Theatre at Target Center
>>Aug. 13 - Austin Mahone in Toronto, ON @ T.D. Echo Beach
>>Aug. 16 - Austin Mahone in Manchester, NH @ Verizon Wireless Arena
>>Aug. 19 - Austin Mahone in Baltimore, MD @ Pier Six Pavilion
>>Aug. 20 - Austin Mahone in East Rutherford, NJ @ Izod Center
>>Aug. 21 - Austin Mahone in Philadelphia, PA @ The Mann
>>Aug. 26 - Austin Mahone in Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE Outdoors
>>Aug. 27 - Austin Mahone in Cincinnati, OH @ U.S. Bank Arena
>>Aug. 29 - Austin Mahone in Greensboro, NC @ White Oak Amphitheatre
>>Aug. 30 - Austin Mahone in Charleston, SC @ Family Circle Stadium
>>Aug. 31 - Austin Mahone in Simpsonville, SC @ Charter Amphitheatre
>>Sept. 2 - Austin Mahone in Birmingham, AL @ Boutwell Auditorium
>>Sept. 5 - Austin Mahone in Saint Louis, MO @ The Fabulous Fox Theatre
>>Sept. 6 - Austin Mahone in Whites Creek, TN @ The Woods at Fontanel
>>Sept. 9 - Austin Mahone in Cleveland, OH @ Wolstein Center

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Mayhem Festival Gets Underway July 5

by Noiz 16. April 2014 07:02

Mayhem Festival Gets Underway July 5

July 4.

I’d tell you to circle it on your calendar but it’s already marked.  It’s Independence Day after all.  Well, in 2014 the Fourth of July is the last sane day of the summer before mayhem takes over.

On July 5, the seventh annual Mayhem Festival kicks off in San Bernardino, California at the San Manuel Amphitheatre.  This year the “world’s biggest heavy music touring festival” is slated to visit 25 cities including Phoenix, Milwaukee, Toronto, Atlanta, and Dallas.

The summer will finally get back to normal on Aug. 11.  That’s because the night before, the festival rolls into the Houston area, and the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, for the year’s final installment of mayhem.   

The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival was founded in 2008 by John Reese and Kevin Lyman.  Since its formation, the festival has tallied more than 160 shows and collected tickets from more than 1.7 million head bangers.

The Lineup
And now for the question every Mayhem Festival fan wants answered and that’s who’s on the marquee?  Headlining this year’s tour is Avenged Sevenfold and Korn.  AX7 is still promoting their 2013 release, Hail to the King, while Korn is pushing their latest LP, The Paradigm Shift, which also dropped last year. 

Other groups scheduled to appear include Asking Alexandria, Trivium, Cannibal Corpse, Suicide Silence, Emmure, Miss May I, and Mushroomhead.  In total, Mayhem has tapped 20 bands to melt faces and blowout ear drums.

Body Count
Unless Mariska Hargitay suddenly forms a band that gets booked in a traveling music festival, Mayhem is the only place you’ll be able to see a cast member of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit perform on stage this summer.

Ice-T, who plays detective Odafin Tutuola on the aforementioned NBC crime drama, will be at Mayhem fronting his band Body Count.   The actor and singer formed Body Count in 1990 with guitarist Ernie C.  Rounding out the group is guitarist Bendrix, bassist Vincent Price, and drummer Ill Will.  Three of Body Count’s original members—Beatmaster V, Mooseman, and D-Roc the Executioner—are no longer with us.

The 2014 Mayhem Festival features four stages.  The Rockstar Energy Drink Main Stage hosts the headliners as well as Asking Alexandria and Trivium.  The other three stages are the Coldcock American Herbal Whiskey Stage, The Sumerian Records/Headbang for the Highway Stage, and The Victory Records Stage.

For years, the Mayhem Festival had just three stages.  Organizers expanded to four in 2013. 

Rockstar Energy Drink Main Stage
Avenged Sevenfold
Asking Alexandria

Coldcock American Herbal Whiskey Stage
Cannibal Corpse
Suicide Silence
Miss May I
Texas Hippie Coalition
King 810

The Sumerian Records/Headbang For The Highway Stage
Body Count featuring Ice-T
Upon A Burning Body*
Veil of Maya*
Darkest Hour*
Headbang Local Winner
*bands rotating slots

The Victory Records Stage
Ill Nino

During the festival, if you need a break from the metal you can always enjoy some motor, as in motorsports.  Booked for the 2014 Mayhem Festival is the motorcross madness of Jimmy Fitzpatrick and his Fitz Army.  Just so you know Fitzpatrick is billed as a “freestyle motocross legend.” 

The motorized fun doesn’t stop there.  Also on the marquee is the motorcycle riding team of UNKNOWN.   The group performs thrilling freestyle tricks on Harleys.  The things they can do on a motorcycle will blow your mind.

“Over the years I have went to The Bay area date of the Rockstar Mayhem Festival to check out bands and see the Freestyle Motocross demo; I am excited to join the tour, bring our Harley’s and put on our riding demos every day.” — Nick Leonetti, UNKNOWN Industries co-founder and rider.

Just like in year’s past, not every band will appear at every tour stop.  Below is a list of Mayhem Festival dates with revised lineups.

>>On July 14, Mayhem comes to Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado.  Due to the size of that venue only Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, Asking Alexandria, Trivium, and Body Count will perform.

>>On July 30, Nikon at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, New York hosts the Mayhem Festival.  That night, only the main stage acts will be on hand: Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, Asking Alexandria, and Trivium.

>>On Aug. 10, for the show at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, be ready to see all the bands on the main stage and the Coldcock Stage as well as Body Count and Emmure.  The only exception is King 810.  They will not be participating.

>>The July 18 Mayhem Festival, scheduled for Milwaukee, is the most unique entry on the itinerary.  It’s being billed as "A Taste of Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival” due to the fact that Avenged Sevenfold and Korn won’t be there.

>>The tour’s first two shows, July 5 in San Bernardino and July 6 in Mountain View, will be held without the services of Emmure.

Fans always grumble over the lineup of musical festivals.  Heavy metal festivals seem to draw more complaints than their counterparts.  And of all the heavy metal festivals, Mayhem seems to gets people’s dander up the most. 

Search for news stories about the “Mayhem Festival” and then check out the articles’ comment sections.  A majority of the responses will show nothing but disdain for the lineup.  Some say the roster isn’t heavy metal enough while others will unfairly ridicule Avenged Sevenfold and charge Korn with being “old.”

My favorite criticism came from a fan that harangued this year’s lineup because it doesn’t compare to the lineup of bands from 2012.  Of course it doesn’t compare!  In 2012, the festival starred Slayer, Anthrax, Motörhead, and Slipknot.  Arguably, that’s the greatest Mayhem lineup of all-time.  Organizers could go a decade without booking a line up better than the one they put together in 2012.  Avenged Sevenfold and Korn would probably say the same thing.

All bitching and moaning aside, A7X is amazing in concert and Korn are legends.  Meanwhile, the other main stage inhabitants, Asking Alexandria and Trivium, have both shredded Mayhem before.  What all this means is whether you see the Mayhem Festival in Tinley Park, Burgettstown, or Oklahoma City, you’re in for an amazing day of live music.

By the way, half of the 20 bands scheduled to appear at Mayhem in 2014 have appeared at previous incarnations either on a full time basis or as a fill-in.  That includes all four bands on the main stage—Avenged Sevenfold and Korn shared the main stage for two dates back in 2010.  So those that are carping about this year’s lineup are really carping about the Mayhem Festival in general.

2014 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival
>>July 5 - San Bernardino, CA @ San Manuel Amphitheatre
>>July 6 - Mountain View, CA @ Shoreline Amphitheatre
>>July 8 - Auburn, WA @ White River Amphitheatre
>>July 9 - Boise, ID @ Idaho Center Amphitheatre
>>July 11 - Phoenix, AZ @ Ak-Chin Pavilion
>>July 12 - Albuquerque, NM @ Isleta Amphitheatre
>>July 14 - Denver, CO @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre
>>July 16 - St. Louis, MO @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
>>July 17 - Detroit, MI @ DTE Energy Music Theater
>>July 18 - Milwaukee, WI @ Eagles Ballroom
>>July 19 - Indianapolis, IN @ Kilpsch Music Center
>>July 20 - Chicago, IL @ First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
>>July 22 - Mansfield, MA @ Xfinity Center
>>July 23 - Saratoga, NY @ Saratoga Performing Arts Center
>>July 25 - Toronto, ON @ Molson Amphitheatre
>>July 26 - Burgettstown, PA @ First Niagra Pavilion
>>July 27 - Hartford, CT @ Xfinity Theatre
>>July 29 - Darien Center, NY @ Darien Lake
>>July 30 - Wantagh, NY @ Nikon Theatre At Jones Beach
>>Aug.1 - Camden, NJ @ Susquehanna Bank Center
>>Aug.2 - Scranton, PA @ The Pavilion At Montage Mountain
>>Aug.3 - Bristow, VA @ Jiffy Lube Live
>>Aug.5 - Atlanta, GA @ Lakewood Amphitheatre
>>Aug.7 - Oklahoma City, OK @ OKC Air Park
>>Aug.9 - Dallas, TX @ Gexa Energy Pavilion
>>Aug.10 - The Woodlands, TX @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

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