Kenny Chesney Touring In 2015 And Merging With Jason Aldean

by Noiz 20. November 2014 13:41

Kenny Chesney Touring In 2015 And Merging With Jason Aldean

Listen up “No Shoes Nation, the Kenny Chesney 2015 tour schedule is a little confusing so we’ll try to simplify it for you. 

Next year, Chesney will launch the “2015 Big Revival Tour.”  The tour will promote his 15th studio album, The Big Revival.  The opus dropped Sept. 23, 2014 and debuted at number one on the Top Country Albums chart and number two on the Billboard 200.  By the end of October, the album had sold more than 213,000 copies.

Tour Schedule
The “2015 Big Revival Tour” is set to kick off March 26 in Nashville, Tennessee.  That date may sound familiar to hardcore Chesney fans.  March 26 is the singer’s birthday.  In 2015, he’ll turn 47 years old. 

Chesney’s Web site, however, makes no mention of the March 26 date.  His Web site has his tour beginning May 2, 2015 in San Francisco, California at the new Levi’s Stadium.  It ends Aug. 29 in Foxboro, Massachusetts at Gillette Stadium (which is spelled wrong on his Web site’s landing page).  That’s the second of consecutive nights at the home of the New England Patriots.

Opening Acts
Depending on the date, Chesney’s opening acts will be Jake Owen, Brantley Gilbert, Eric Church, Chase Rice, and Cole Swindell.  This will be the third time Owen has joined a Kenny Chesney tour.  Church and Gilbert will each open five Kenny Chesney concerts.

“It’s about fresh faces people need to know.  If I can turn people on, or remind them of an artist like Jake, I know they’re gonna get a show that rocks them, but also opens up some new music.” — Kenny Chesney

Clearing Things Up
Now, here’s where the confusion sets in.  On certain dates, Kenny Chesney is “merging” his tour with Jason’s Aldean’s “Burn It Down Tour.”   Together Chesney and Aldean will be playing eleven concerts together, all at stadiums.

Dates Chesney And Aldean Combine Tours
>>May 2 @ Levi’s Stadium (Santa Clara)
>>May 16 @ AT&T Stadium (Arlington)
>>June 20 @ Lambeau Field (Green Bay)
>>June 27 @ CenturyLink Field (Seattle)
>>July 18 @ Target Field (Minneapolis)
>>July 25 @ Rose Bowl (Pasadena)
>>Aug. 1 @ Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas City)
>>Aug. 8 @ Sports Authority Field At Mile High (Denver)
>>Aug. 15 @ MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford)
>>Aug. 28 & Aug. 29 @ Gillette Stadium (Foxboro)

The merging of the tours doesn’t really have a name beyond the generic “Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean Stadium Tour.”  Confusion might arise if a publication is lazy in describing the unique situation or is telling the story from the perspective of just one performer.

‘Merge’ Is The Word
Bottom line, Chesney isn’t joining Aldean’s “Burn It Down Tour” and Aldean isn’t joining Chesney’s “2015 Big Revival Tour.”  They are just merging the two tours.  Like their poster says “Two Tours/One Big Night.”

For example, on July 25, Chesney and Aldean are performing at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.  Officially, that’s a stop on the “2015 Big Revival Tour” and a stop on the “Burn It Down Tour.”  It just so happens that the tours are playing at the same venue, on the same date, and at the same time!

Well, not exactly the same time.  After a litany of opening acts, Aldean will rock the stage first.  Then Chesney will close the show.

“There aren’t a lot of guys out there who can hit it the way Jason does, so I’m glad we’re able to bring both of our tours together for [several] nights this summer.  I know what me and the guys are bringing in terms of music, and I know Jason can hang with us.” — Kenny Chesney

With one exception, the opening acts for when the two tours merge are Brantley Gilbert and Cole Swindell.  The exception is the May 2 show in Santa Clara.  Gilbert is replaced on the marquee by Jake Owen.

An upcoming Kenny Chesney concert will not only be soaked in alcohol but testosterone (I mean that figuratively, if you have concert tickets close to the stage you don’t have to bring a poncho or anything).  Depending on the date, you’ll have a combination of Chesney, Aldean, Owen, Gilbert, Church, Rice, and Swindell performing on the same stage.  Those guys are probably not going to sing "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" or "You Belong With Me."

While the toilet seat may never go down backstage at a 2015 Kenny Chesney concert don’t call his brand of music “bro-country.”  Chesney has beef with that subgenre.  In a recent interview with Billboard magazine, Chesney spoke out against country musicians who disrespect the fairer sex.

“Over the last several years, it seems like anytime anybody sings about a woman, she’s in cutoff jeans, drinking and on a tailgate — they objectify the hell out of them.” — Kenny Chesney

Chesney went on to admit that he probably wrote a song like that when he was young but now claims that he “want(s) to say something different about women.”

I think we all admire Chesney’s sentiments and the fact that he admits to doing what he’s now denouncing, but is a woman decked out in cutoffs and drinking while on the back of a vehicle all that bad? 

It just sounds like she’s enjoying a beverage in casual attire.  Who knows maybe she’s a doctor on a day off or a lawyer on vacation?

Even if Chesney’s example was taken verbatim from a real country music song, it’s certainly paints a better picture than what Loretta Lynn sang about in the early 1970s: “One of them a toddlin' and one is a crawlin' and one's on the way.”

That line is from the song “One’s on The Way.”  It was written by a man, Shel Silverstein, and recorded by Lynn in 1971. 

Sadly, whether it’s 1971, or 2014, or 2071 you’re probably going to find at least one current song recorded by a popular musician that objectifies a woman.

I don’t necessarily think that every song that dresses a woman in cutoffs and has her imbibing while sitting on the back of the pickup truck is a product of misogyny.  I think, as Chesney alluded to, it’s more a product of age. 

Chesney is in his 40s.  A lot of the “bro country” artists are in the 20s.  There’s a huge difference in how guys in their 20s and guys in their 40s perceive women.  When you’re in your 20s, you like to see women wearing cutoffs.  When you’re in your 40s, well… you still like to see women in cutoffs, but you’re also interested in the mind behind those jean shorts.

The fact that Chesney, who’s in his mid-40s, wants to say something different about women is a good sign.  It shows that (at least) some men are getting the message through their thick skulls.

Hopefully, the next generation of male country music stars can write about cutoff-clad women who are drinking beer from the back of a truck with impunity.  Hopefully in the future, that image won’t be seen as objectifying but honoring clever ladies who know how to make a pair of jeans last.

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Bette Midler And The All-Girl Groups She Covered On Latest Album

by Noiz 13. November 2014 20:36

Bette Midler And The All-Girl Groups She Covered On Latest Album

Mark it down.

On May 8, 2015, Bette Midler tours for the first time in more than a decade.  That night, as well as the next, Midler will be at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida.  After stops in 20 North American cities, her trek concludes June 25 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.  Fans should also look for the 69-year-old singer in Las Vegas, Boston, and Chicago.

Midler is hitting the road to support her 14th studio album, and 25th overall, It’s The Girls!  For this opus, Midler covered songs that were originally made famous by all-girl groups—everyone from The Andrew Sisters to The Supremes to TLC.  "Each one of [the songs] meant something to me, for some reason," the singer explains.

Below, Clickitticket looks at each of the groups that inspired Midler.  Obviously, this estrogen-rich collection of music is very important to the legendary singer.  What’s not so obvious, and what some of her younger fans may not realize, is the all-girl groups Midler tapped are also important figures in the annals of popular music.  Midler introduced (or re-introduced) her fans to their music.  Now, Clickitticket introduces you to the all-girl groups behind the music.

Martha and the Vandellas
Midler covered their version of "Come and Get These Memories"

“Come and Get These Memories,” written by Holland–Dozier–Holland, was Martha and the Vandellas first big hit.  Their other biggies are “(Love Is Like a) Heat Wave,” “Nowhere to Run,” and “Jimmy Mack.” Of course, their signature song is "Dancing in the Street."  The band’s most famous lineup consisted of Martha Reeves, Rosalind Ashford, and Annette Beard.

The Andrews Sisters
Midler covered their version of "Bei Mir Bist du Schön"

Midler recorded "Bei Mir Bist du Schön," which is Yiddish for “To Me You’re Beautiful,” because her parents sang the song to her as a child.  LaVerne, Maxine, and Patricia were actual sisters and one of the most important all-female groups of the first half of the 20th century.  Their seminal hit was "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy," a song Midler recorded in 1972 for her debut album The Divine Miss M.

The Boswell Sisters
Midler covered their version of “It’s the Girl”

The Boswell Sisters were the blueprint for The Andrew Sisters as well as several other female vocal groups of the 1930s and 1940s.  Actual sisters, and led by the middle one Connee, the trio innovated vocal jazz and inspired generations of female singers.  In 1934, they recorded a song called “Rock and Roll” but it was their “Shout, Sister, Shout” that foreshadowed the genre.  “It’s the Girl” is the first record Midler ever owned.

The Chiffons
Midler covered their version of "One Fine Day"

Hailing from the Bronx, The Chiffons were one of the biggest all-girl vocal groups of the 1960s.  They are better known, however, for suing George Harrison for copyright infringement over his recording of “My Sweet Lord” (1970).  The Chiffons claimed (and a judge eventually agreed) that Harrison’s song sounded too much like their “He’s So Fine.”  “One Fine Day” was written by Carole King and Gerry Goffin.

The Chordettes
Midler covered their version of "Mr. Sandman"

The Chordettes formed in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and found success in the 1950s.  Their biggest hit is the song Midler covered for It’s The Girl!, “Mr. Sandman.”  The quartet rose to prominence singing a combination of close harmony and traditional pop.  Here’s another piece of trivia: The Chordettes appeared on the first nationally broadcasted episode of American Bandstand.

The Crystals
Midler covered their version of "He's Sure the Boy I Love"  

The Crystals were an all-girl group produced by Phil Spector that found success with three different lead vocalists: Barbara Alston, Darlene Love, and Dolores “La La” Brooks—although the middle incarnation (the one with Darlene Love) was actually The Blossoms.  Besides the song Midler recorded, The Crystals also scored big with “Uptown,” “He’s a Rebel,” and “Then He Kissed Me.”  Their most famous song is 1963’s “Da Doo Ron Ron.”

The DeCastro Sisters
Midler covered their version of “Teach Me Tonight”

The DeCastro Sisters are one of Livia Soprano’s favorite music groups.  The “Latin Andrew Sisters’” biggest hit is “Teach Me Tonight,” a song penned by Gene De Paul and Sammy Cahn.  In 1955, the siblings took their rendition of “Teach Me Tonight” all the way to number two.  Peggy, Cherie, and Babette DeCastro were raised in Havana, Cuba.

The Exciters
Midler covered their version of “Tell Him”

The Exciters are actually NOT an all-girl group.  They began as one in 1961 but added Herb Rooney in 1962.  Don’t worry, I won’t hold it against them or Bette Midler.  The Exciters’ only Top 40 hit was “Tell Him” (1962).  The song was written by the great Bert Berns.  The Exciters’ version of “Tell Him” inspired Dusty Springfield to ditch her country and folk band and record rhythm & blues-infused pop.

The Marvelettes
Midler covered their versions of "Too Many Fish in the Sea" and "The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game" (on the Target deluxe edition)

The Marvelettes were Motown’s second big act (after The Miracles) and the label’s first successful all-girl vocal group.  Their debut single was “Please Mr. Postman” (a song later covered by The Beatles).  It was the first Motown song to reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100.  The band’s other top ten hits are “Playboy” and “Don’t Mess with Bill.”  A little trivia for you: Marvin Gaye played drums on many of the Marvelettes’ recordings.

The Ronettes
Midler covered their version of “Be My Baby”
According to Midler, she had to be dragged into the “vocal booth” to sing The Ronettes’ classic, “Be My Baby.”  She didn’t think she could top Ronnie Spector (no one can).  Her producer kindly reminded her that fans love her voice and the way she interprets a song.  The Ronettes scored five Top 40 hits and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.  They worked with Phil Spector and toured with The Beatles.

The Shangri-Las
Midler covered their version of "Give Him a Great Big Kiss"

Thanks to hits like "Leader of the Pack," "Remember (Walkin' in the Sand)," and touring with The Rolling Stones, The Shangri-Las were able to cultivate a “tough girl” persona.  This image was in stark contrast to the image of other all-girl vocal groups of the era (the 1960s).  When the band first hit it big, the foursome were still in high school.  “Give Him a Great Big Kiss” was the third of The Shangri-Las’ six Top 40 hits.

The Shirelles
Midler covered their versions of "Baby It’s You”

The Shirelles are widely regarded as progenitors of the all-girl vocal group genre.  They are the first African American all-girl group to top the Billboard Hot 100 (“Will You Love Me Tomorrow”) and one of the first to do so regardless of race.  The Shirelles are members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Rolling Stone magazine named "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" and "Tonight's the Night" as two of the greatest songs of all-time.

The Supremes
Midler covered their version of "You Can't Hurry Love"

They weren’t the first or the last, but they are the best.  The Supremes are The Beatles of all-girl groups. Led by Diana Ross, the Motown trio are responsible for 12 number one singles—“You Can’t Hurry Love” being one of them.  You can’t release an album like It’s The Girls! and not include America’s most successful vocal group.

Midler covered their version of “Waterfalls”

Probably the most striking track on Midler’s album is TLC’s “Waterfalls.”  Midler turns their immortal R&B ditty into a haunting torch song.  Divine Miss M told reporters: “I fell in love with it the first time I heard it, and I could hear through the beat to what the story really was. It's a classic ballad."  On TLC’s resume are 65 million albums sold, four number one singles, and five Grammy Awards.  The pinnacle of their career is 1994’s CrazySexyCool.

Kate and Anna McGarrigle
Midler covered their versions of "(Talk to Me of) Mendocino"

Kate and Anna McGarrigle are the only Canadians on our list and the only all-girl group who wrote nearly all of their own material (Kate composed “(Talk to Me of) Mendocino”).  You probably haven’t heard any of the sisters’ recordings but you probably heard their music.  Their songs have been covered by a slew of artists like Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, Judy Collins, and Billy Bragg.  Kate is the mother of singers Rufus Wainwright and Martha Wainwright.  She died in January of 2010.

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Taylor Swift Proves She’s Here To Stay With 1989 And Tour

by Noiz 10. November 2014 18:35

Taylor Swift Proves She’s Here To Stay With 1989 And Tour

There comes a point in the career of every legend when they stop being a trend and start being a permanent fixture on the musical landscape.  When they cross this threshold they’re no longer at risk of being a mere footnote in the annals of popular music but guaranteed to have their own chapter.

It’s hard to recognize that moment when it’s happening.  It’s much easy to pin it down when you have the benefit of a historical perspective.  We don’t have the luxury of time when it comes to Taylor Swift, but judging from her latest album, and her pending tour, the lanky songbird has definitely nested in “Here-to-Stay Land.”

Swift released her fifth studio album, 1989, on Oct. 27, 2014.  The opus is named after the year of her birth.  It’s also her first offering that’s solely and purely pop.  For this work, Swift leaves all vestiges of Nashville behind (i.e. mandolins and fiddles) and dives headfirst into drum machines, synthesizers, and thumping bass lines.   

Her new album is getting rave reviews.  Pundits marvel at how she tackles pop music without being trendy or mawkish.  Both her sound and lyrics have matured.  Best of all, she’s entered musical adulthood without fundamentally changing herself.

Billboard boasts that on her new oeuvre Taylor Swift sounds like “Taylor Swift” even when she doesn’t sound like Taylor Swift.  They go on to call 1989 her “best work” and charge that “she expertly sets up the next chapter of what is now even more likely to be a very long career." 

Billboard agrees, Swift is here to stay.

Number One
It seems that Taylor has successfully switched genres and has done so without alienating her fans.  Yes, she may have lost a few people who long for the halcyon days when she was releasing “Teardrops on My Guitar” and “Our Song,” but you can’t sell a million albums in a week (especially in this day and age) if you’re alienating a large portion of your fan base.

Taylor’s 1989 sold more than 600,000 copies in its first day of release.  In two days, it sold more than 751,000 copies.  In its first week, 1989 moved more than 1.2 million units and that’s not counting a promotion where the album sold for $0.99 (to enter the official count an album has to sell for more than $3.99).

That one-week sales figure is a personal record for Swift.  It’s also the best week an artist has had since 2002 when Eminem sold 1.3 million copies of The Eminem Show.  Taylor’s 1989 is just the 19th album since 1991 (the year Nielsen SoundScan began keeping records) to eclipse the million mark in sales in a week.  The LP immediately became the bestselling album released in 2014.

Swift will support her fifth studio oeuvre, and her first pop record, with an epic world tour.  Her global trek gets underway May 20, 2015 in Bossier City, Louisiana.  It ends Halloween night in Tampa, Florida. 

In late June, Swift takes a break from performing in the United States to visit five European cities—Cologne, Amsterdam, Glasgow, Manchester, and London.  Speaking of countries other than the U.S., she has also routed five Canadian cities—Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto.  Although cities have yet to be announced, Swift will spend December of 2015 gallivanting around Australia. 

A dozen North American cities will host back-to-back Swift concerts.  Three of those lucky metropolises are Columbus, Glendale, and St. Louis.  Fans should also look for Taylor Swift concerts in Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Seattle, and Santa Clara.

Warming up audiences before most Taylor Swift shows will be Aussie Vance Joy.  Canadian crooner Shawn Mendes will be on the marquee for select dates.

The Big Apple
Conspicuous by its absence is New York City.  Taylor Swift tickets will be collected at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey, but she has nary a gig scheduled for Gotham proper.  That may change since Swift has plenty of open dates, and the tour doesn’t start for another six months, but as things stand now “The 1989 Tour” skips the Big Apple.

It’s not a huge surprise for an artist to skip NYC.  A lot of touring acts route New Jersey venues and call it good.  What makes New York’s absence from “The 1989 Tour” itinerary so surprising is Taylor Swift is the city’s newest “Global Welcome Ambassador.”  Her appointment was announced in late October.

From what I can gather, Swift’s position doesn’t come with secret service protection, a plush office, or even a gavel.  All the position really means is Swift gets to star in a series of videos posted on the city’s official tourism site.  In these videos, Swift tells viewers how to pronounce “Houston Street,” defines a “bodega,” and explains the difference between SoHo and NoHo.

Still, you think Swift would throw a bone to the city that probably paid her a small fortune to make what’s tantamount to a YouTube video.  Even without the gig in the vacation industry, I’d assume Swift would want to rock Madison Square Garden.  After all, she’s playing Staples Center in Los Angeles, the Pepsi Center in Denver, and the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. 

Unmitigated Success
Her latest album and upcoming tour are make or break for Swift.  It’s probably not her transition from adolescent but it’s definitely her transition to adulthood.  When the tour begins she’ll be 25. 

Taylor is currently going through the same creative maturation process that Beyoncé, Britney, and Christina went through earlier in the century.  Miley just went through it but she had to take the “hobag” route.  Fortunately, Swift is not following in her footsteps. 

From all indications, Swift is maturing with aplomb.  If it is make or break she’s certainly on her way to making it.  Her latest album far-out performed initial predictions and her tour is expected to be a money making machine. 

Remember, her last jaunt, 2013-14’s “The Red Tour” made more than $150 million and earned the honor of the highest-grossing country tour of all-time.  With venues like Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Nationals Park in Washington D.C., and Soldier Field in Chicago on the docket, many think Swift will rake in far more money than ever before. 

Clearly, Taylor Swift is here to stay.

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50 Things You Need To Know About Mannheim Steamroller

by Noiz 4. November 2014 11:24

50 Things You Need To Know About Mannheim Steamroller

One of the best things about the holiday season is the music.  And one of the best purveyors of holiday music is Mannheim Steamroller.  For thirty years, The Steamroller has been delighting Santa’s disciples with new age renditions of “Deck the Halls” and “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen.”  That’s right, 2014 is the 30th anniversary of the group’s classic holiday debut, Mannheim Steamroller Christmas.  It’s also the 30th anniversary of the band’s annual Christmas tour and the 40th anniversary of the band’s founding.

To celebrate the milestones, Mannheim Steamroller is hitting the road.  The group’s North American tour begins Nov. 12 and ends Dec. 28.  Clickitticket is celebrating the greatest Christmas band of all-time (all apologies to Trans-Siberian Orchestra) by compiling a list of 50 things you must know about Mannheim Steamroller.  Actually, there are 51 things you should know.  The 51st item is when it comes to great Christmas music, either live or recorded, you can’t go wrong with Mannheim Steamroller. 

Mannheim Steamroller 2014 Tour

  1. This year’s trek is called “Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Tour.”
  2. To meet high demand, and to maximize the relatively short holiday season, Mannheim Steamroller splits itself into two touring bands.  For example, on Nov. 22 one Steamroller band will be in Atlanta while the other will be in Sioux City, Iowa.  On Dec. 7, one touring band performs in Minneapolis as the other rocks Detroit.
  3. In some cities, Mannheim Steamroller is scheduled to perform two shows.  For example, on Dec. 13 Mannheim Steamroller will perform at 4pm and 8pm at the Strathmore in Bethesda, Maryland.
  4. This year’s show will be directed and co-produced by Mannheim Steamroller’s founder, and its creative force, Chip Davis.
  5. During their upcoming tour, Mannheim Steamroller will play all their of big-time holiday hits.
  6. Besides the music, fans should expect an intimate setting and multimedia effects.
  7. To celebrate both the band’s 40th anniversary and their 30th year of revolutionizing Christmas music, Chip Davis is releasing Mannheim Steamroller 30/40.  The album will drop Oct. 21.
  8. Mannheim Steamroller 30/40 will be released on three different formats: a single disc with 16 tracks; a three-disc set with 50 tracks; and a double disc vinyl record.
  9. One of the new tracks from their new album is a new recording of “Greensleeves.”  The version features vocals by Chip Davis’ daughter, Elyse.
  10. Mannheim Steamroller’s sound is generally categorized as New Age music but the band draws from a number of different genres.  Comparing them to another holiday favorite, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Mannheim is more New Age-slash-symphonic-slash-pop.  While TSO is more New Age-slash-symphonic-slash-rock.

    Mannheim Steamroller History

  11. Mannheim Steamroller was founded in 1974 by Chip Davis.
  12. “Mannheim Steamroller” comes from the 18th century German musical term, Mannheimer Walze (Mannheim roller).  A Mannheimer Walze is a rising melody over a repeating bass line.
  13. Mannheim Steamroller released its first album, Fresh Aire, in 1975.
  14. Chip Davis describes Steamroller’s sound as “18th Century Classical Rock.”
  15. No major record label would touch Mannheim Steamroller’s first album so Davis created his own music label called American Gramophone.
  16. American Gramophone Records is located in Omaha, Nebraska. 
  17. Largely ignored by the mainstream record industry, Mannheim Steamroller became one of the bestselling independent artists of the 1970s.
  18. Mannheim Steamroller released its first Christmas album in 1984.
  19. Mannheim Steamroller was given a big boost in popularity by Rush Limbaugh.  The conservative talk show host played selections from Steamroller’s first album on his radio program.
  20. Davis once sent Limbaugh an advance copy of a Mannheim Steamroller Christmas album.  Limbaugh began playing cuts from the oeuvre in August.
  21. In 1986, Mannheim Steamroller wrote and recorded the soundtrack to a PBS special called Saving the Wildlife. 
  22. Mannheim Steamroller has a radio show.  It’s called “Mannheim Steamroller's An American Christmas.”  The show is hosted by Chip Davis, runs 12 hours, and is heard on more than 250 radio stations in the United States.
  23. Over the years, Mannheim Steamroller has tapped the talents of artists like Johnny Mathis, Olivia Newton-John, and Paul Winter.
  24. During the first thirty years of Mannheim Steamroller’s existence their pianist was virtuoso Jackson Berkey.

    Chip Davis

  25. Chip Davis was born in Hamler, Ohio as Louis Davis, Jr.  “Chip” is his nickname.
  26. Chip Davis can play the piano, bassoon, and various percussion instruments including the dulcimer.
  27. Chip Davis wrote his first song at the age of six.  The tune was about his dog, Stormy. 
  28. Chip Davis graduated from the University of Michigan.
  29. After college, Davis wrote commercial jingles for an Omaha, Nebraska advertising agency.
  30. Before forming Mannheim Steamroller, Chip Davis worked with Bill Fries.  Fries performed under the name “C.W. McCall.”
  31. Chip Davis co-wrote the song “Convoy.”  The song went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100.
  32. In 1976, Chip Davis was named the “Country Music Songwriter of the Year.”
  33. Chip Davis shopped Mannheim Steamroller’s first Christmas album to dozens of distributors and retail chains.  They all said no one would buy a Christmas album.  They were wrong.  Mannheim Steamroller Christmas has sold more than nine million copies.
  34. Chip Davis has written five children books.
  35. Chip Davis created the ambient therapy music system.  His system combines natural sounds with music.  It’s being used by several medical facilities and has been approved by NASA for use on long space flights.

    Mannheim Steamroller Non-Christmas Works 

  36. In 1987, Chip Davis produced and arranged an album with guitarist Mason Williams.  The album is called Classical Gas and is credited to both Williams and Mannheim Steamroller.
  37. In 1999, Mannheim Steamroller released a collection of Disney music called Mannheim Steamroller Meets the Mouse.
  38. In 2003, Mannheim Steamroller released the first of four Halloween albums. 
  39. Also in 2003, Mannheim Steamroller collaborated with C.W. McCall on a collection called American Spirit.  The opus features patriotic songs and a remake of “Convoy.”
  40. Mannheim Steamroller has their own line of food products including various flavors of chutney, pepper sauces, hot chocolates, and a Bloody Mary mix.  The previously mentioned delicacies are available for purchase on Mannheim Steamroller’s Web site.
  41. Also on their Web site is a line of clothing.  You can purchase Mannheim Steamroller themed t-shirts, hoodies, Polo shirts, and jackets.

    Mannheim Steamroller Milestones

  42. As of 2014, Mannheim Steamroller has released 26 Christmas related albums.
  43. Mannheim Steamroller has sold more than 28 million Christmas albums. 
  44. Mannheim Steamroller is the bestselling Christmas artist of all-time.
  45. Mannheim Steamroller has sold more than 40 million albums overall.
  46. Since 1984, Mannheim Steamroller has logged more than 27 million miles.
  47. In 2008, Chip Davis received the coveted award for Exceptional Public Service from the Department of Defense.  He received the honor because he gave away one million CDs to U.S. troops and their families.
  48. In 2011 and 2013, Mannheim Steamroller performed at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  49. Mannheim Steamroller is the only music group that has ever performed twice at the annual Lighting of the National Christmas Tree Ceremony. 
  50. Either on his own, or with Mannheim Steamroller, Chip Davis has released 77 albums.

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