Gabriel Iglesias Is One Brave Comedian

by Noiz 31. August 2014 18:47

Gabriel Iglesias Is One Brave Comedian

When it comes to stand-up comedians, no one is braver, more courageous, or has more guts than Gabriel Iglesias.

His pluck doesn’t necessarily stem from his act but from his off-stage behavior.

First of all, Iglesias was given two years to live by a doctor.  Did he have cancer?  No, Iglesias’ disease was fluffiness.  Or should I say “morbid fluffiness.”  Iglesias had ballooned to over 450 pounds and was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. 

“Don’t you want to live to be 100? Not if I can’t eat tacos?” — Gabriel Iglesias

That sobering news may have knocked out those without valor, but not Iglesias.  He quickly altered his unhealthy ways.  He began exercising and eating right.  In doing so, he lowered his weight by 100 pounds and pulled himself out of the maws of death.

Iglesias was unable to have gastric bypass surgery due to his work schedule.  The comedian is on the road for 46 weeks a year.  As for his diet, the comedian still enjoys fast food, but eschews carbs.  It may not sound perfect but it works for him.

“Why do you drink diet soda?  So I can eat regular cake?” — Gabriel Iglesias

Before Iglesias became a comedy superstar, he worked for a cell phone company.  In 1997, Iglesias realized it was too difficult to have a nine-to-five job and pursue a vocation as a professional joke teller.  So he quit his steady job and began chasing his dream of being a stand-up comedian full-time.

While we all know how it turned out, the road to Iglesias becoming a comedy superstar was a little bumpy.  Before hitting it big, he lost his car and was evicted from his home. 

The fact that he abandoned the security of a well-paying job to follow his dream reveals the depths of Iglesias’ mettle.

Of course, fighting one’s own demise, and chasing one’s dream, pales in comparison to what Iglesias did in 2014.  He released a stand-up comedy film!

Who has the audacity?  Who has the temerity?  Who has the effrontery to release a performance film in 2014? 

In this day and age of 3-D movies, super screen heroes, and high octane action films you have to be one dauntless dude to make a flick that’s nothing more than a guy telling jokes on a stage. 

I didn’t even know people watched movies without a superhero anymore. 

The Fluffy Movie hit theaters on July 25.  It made a $1.3 million during its opening weekend.  That’s not exactly Tom Cruise territory but when you consider you can watch thousands of hours of stand-up on YouTube, and it costs more to buy Fluffy movie tickets then it does to buy Gabriel Iglesias tickets, $1.3 million is quite impressive.

“The Fluffy Movie: Extended Edition” Blu-ray is due to hit streets on Oct. 21.  This special version includes footage of Iglesias backstage as well as never-before-seen stuff from his “Unity Through Laughter Tour.” 

Seeing “Fluffy” on the big screen, or on the slightly smaller screen that’s hanging on your living room wall, is great, but it can’t beat seeing Gabriel Iglesias live.

Iglesias has a hand full of dates scheduled for the waning moments of 2014—that includes six dates in Australia and New Zealand.

After making them laugh Down Under, Iglesias will appear at The Big Fresno Fair in Fresno, California.  That’s followed by two shows at the Neal S. Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

From Sept. 12 to Sept. 14, Gabriel Iglesias will be in Las Vegas.  The comic has a three-night stand booked at the Terry Fator Theatre at the Mirage Hotel and Casino.

Fluffy fans can laugh in the New Year when Gabriel Iglesias performs in Los Angeles on Dec. 27 and Dec. 28 at the Nokia Theater.

All you really need to know about Gabriel Iglesias is he’s hilarious.  There are, however, a few secondary tidbits you should probably know about the funny man before sitting down and experiencing his uproarious act…

>> Iglesias’ nickname is “Fluffy”…
If you haven’t figured it out “Fluffy” is Iglesias’ nickname.  It’s also one of the six levels of fatness:  big, healthy, husky, fluffy, “Damn!” and “Ah, hell no!”  You might be wondering what’s the difference between “Damn!” and “Ah, hell no!?”  According to Iglesias, you’ll let “Damn!” ride an elevator with you but not “Ah, hell no!”

>>Iglesias can mimic anything…
Iglesias employs a lot of voices, impressions, and sound effects during his act.  If you’re watching Iglesias on video you might wonder if his voices, impressions, and sound effects were dubbed in during post production.  If you watch Iglesias live, however, you’ll realize that the comedian is just that good at the voices, impressions, and sound effects.

>>Iglesias wears Hawaiian shirts…
Iglesias wears Hawaiian shirts but he’s not Hawaiian (although he did record a comedy special in the 50th state called “Aloha Fluffy: Gabriel Iglesias Live from Hawaii”).  He wears Hawaiian shirts because “they fit.”  Iglesias is of Mexican heritage.

>>Iglesias is a master storyteller…
No one spins a yarn better Iglesias.  He punctuates his epic tales with his amazing voices, impressions, and sound effects.  His ability to mimic just about any sound or voice brings his hysterical stories to life.  Even if you’re not rolling on the floor in laughter you’ll still be mesmerized.  At the very least, Iglesias is always interesting.

>>Iglesias uses a punchline…
Iglesias doesn’t just recite a bunch of one-liners.  He tells stories that have a beginning, middle, and a punchline.  This makes it hard to quote Iglesias but as an audience member, you’re rewarded for paying attention. 

>>Iglesias is relatable…
Iglesias tells a lot of jokes about his weight and he wears his Latino heritage on his sleeve.  That doesn’t mean you have to be overweight or Mexican to enjoy his stand-up.  Iglesias draws from a wide range of topics and his humor is quite broad.  It doesn’t matter where you come from, or your background, you will relate.  Iglesias is a comedic genius who just happens to be Latino and fluffy.  In the business, he’s a “crossover.” 

“Really, you’re going to call a Mexican crossover?” — Gabriel Iglesias

>>Iglesias is likeable…
Iglesias will drop the occasional “F” bomb and will reference bodily sounds, sex acts, and drug use, but he’s never over-the-top.  He’s not as crass as Sarah Silverman or as blue as Louis C.K, but he’s far more likable then most comedians especially those of the Bill Maher and Lewis Black variety.  There’s a very affable quality about Iglesias.  You’ll want to have a beer (or a piece of chocolate cake) with the guy after the show.

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra Vs. Santa Claus

by Noiz 26. August 2014 11:40

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Vs. Santa Claus

Those unfamiliar with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra usually scratch their heads when they peruse the progressive rock band’s touring calendar.

For example, on Dec. 20 Trans-Siberian Orchestra performs in Boston and San Antonio.  In fact, TSO performs two shows in both cities.  How is this possible?  Air travel is fast nowadays but not that fast.

It’s possible because the Trans-Siberian Orchestra splits into two touring bands.  These bands are called TSO East and TSO West (the geographical titles are mere guidelines and not hard and fast rules).

Imagine Mick Fleetwood and Lindsey Buckingham touring the East Coast while Stevie Nicks, Christine McVie, and John McVie are gallivanting around the West Coast, but both entities are calling themselves “Fleetwood Mac.”  That’s similar to what TSO does every year only their members aren’t nearly as famous as the members of Fleetwood Mac.

The two bands mean you’re not guaranteed to see ringleader Paul O’Neill, but it does double the amount of cities the orchestra visits during its winter touring months of November, December, and (early) January.  In 2014, TSO’s tour begins Nov. 13 in Toledo and Council Bluffs.

Instead of only visiting Newark, New Jersey on Dec. 21, Trans-Siberian Orchestra can also visit Dallas, Texas.  Instead of only performing in Kansas City, Missouri on Dec. 23, Trans-Siberian Orchestra can also perform in Philadelphia.

The tour also extends past Christmas Day.  For example, Trans-Siberian Orchestra will be in Rosemont, Illinois on Dec. 27.  The tour’s final day is Jan. 4.  The band will say goodbye to Christmas for another year in Hartford and Moline.

This year, Trans-Siberian Orchestra is performing one of the greatest Christmas albums of all-time, The Christmas Attic, in its entirety.  It’s the first time TSO has ever played their 1998 Christmas rock opera live.  The album will also be re-released to coincide with what is officially being called the “TSO 2014 Winter Tour: The Christmas Attic Tour.”

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is not only an amazing musical experience but it’s a great way to get into the Christmas Spirit.  Of course, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and its speedy holiday music are not your only options for Yule Tide fun. 

Below, Clickitticket looks at how TSO stacks up against several other live holiday events.  Hopefully, you can see all of the following shows, but if you can’t this rundown should help you decide which Christmas gala to attend.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra vs. The Nutcracker
The Nutcracker is a ubiquitous Christmastime fixture.  Metropolises of all sizes have companies that produce the ballet during the run-up to Christmas.  However, unlike a TSO concert, Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece has a tenuous tie to Dec. 25.  In fact, it wouldn’t take much to remove all traces of Christmas from The Nutcracker.  Furthermore, the Nutcracker has the dubious distinction of being a ballet.  That’s a six-letter word to some people.  If you’re looking for some culture then procure Nutcracker tickets.  If you like your Christmas music with lots of energy, and would rather not be subjected to dudes in tights, then definitely attend a TSO concert.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra vs. Radio City Christmas Spectacular
The Radio City Christmas Spectacular stars the legendary Rockettes.  Their annual Christmas Spectacular is appropriate for the entire family.  The show contains an appearance by Santa Claus, the Nutcracker, and a Living Nativity scene.  The Christmas Spectacular skews a little bit towards young girls but the high-kicking Rockettes and the holiday music will delight older members of your clan.  If you have a chance to see this production at the Radio City Music Hall then you must take it.  If you’re not planning a trip to New York this holiday season then plan a trip to see TSO. 

Trans-Siberian Orchestra vs. Mannheim Steamroller
These two bands are really different sides of the same coin. Whereas TSO mixes Christmas carols with progressive rock and heavy metal, Mannheim Steamroller mixes holiday music with elements of new age music.  Basically, these two groups play Christmas tunes that sound nothing like those recorded by Bing Crosby.  Both bands tour North America every holiday season and both split themselves into two groups.  TSO is going to give you more lights, lasers, and explosions while MS is going to concentrate more on the music. 

Which band should you see?  Well, if you want to get into the holiday spirit while doing a little head banging, or a little air guitar, then you should definitely attend a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert.  If you want to hear great music performed by great musicians without a lot of production elements getting in the way, then you need to check out Mannheim Steamroller.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra vs. Irving Berlin's White Christmas
Irving Berlin's White Christmas is the stage adaptation of the 1954 movie starring Bing Crosby.  The stage musical uses many of the songs from the film including “White Christmas,” “Sisters,” and “Snow.”  By all accounts the stage musical is comfy, bright, and happy.  It’s not going to blaze any new trails or reinvent the theatre but it will leave audiences feeling good.  In 2014, the touring production of White Christmas will visit Peoria, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Boston, Minneapolis, and New Haven.  Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Boston are also on TSO’s itinerary.  This one is easy.  If you want to experience a music concert then see TSO.  If you want to enjoy a musical in a cozy theatre then check out White Christmas.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra vs. Elf: The Musical
The main difference between Elf: The Musical and Elf the movie is the former is narrated by Santa Claus while the latter is narrated by Papa Elf.   Well, there’s that and the characters sing their emotions.  Elf’s score was written by Matthew Sklar and Chad Beguelin.  Bob Martin and Thomas Meehan wrote the book.  The musical opened on Broadway in 2010 and toured North America in 2012 and 2013.  The 2014 tour kicks off on Nov. 7 in Grand Forks and Chattanooga.  Elf: The Musical is a well-done Christmas romp that’s fun for the entire family.  Then again, so is the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  If you want laughs, grab the family and go see Elf.  If you want to rock, then Trans-Siberian Orchestra is your show.

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Jason Derulo Wiggles His Way Onto List Of Artists Who’ve Been Seriously Injured

by Noiz 25. August 2014 12:22

Jason Derulo Wiggles His Way Onto List Of Artists Who’ve Been Seriously Injured

Jason Derulo is a member of many clubs.  He’s a member of the singers-slash-dancers club.  He’s in the guild of singers who have sold more than 30 million singles.  And he’s been initiated into the society of artists who had their debut single peak at number one.  Derulo is also a card-carrying delegate of the hard-working alliance, the great physique union, and the dynamic live performer fellowship.

Derulo is a member of another club.  Induction into this club, however, is highly avoided.  Jason Derulo is a member of the recording artists that have been seriously injured club.  In 2012, while rehearsing his live show, Derulo broke his neck.  He was doing back flip.  Derulo spent more than half-a-year in a neck brace. 

“The odds are crazy.  I was either supposed to be paralyzed or not here at all.  It was a crazy break, freak accident.  I’m blessed to even be able to sit here, let alone get on stage and still dance.  It’s totally a miracle.” — Jason Derulo

This autumn, you can see for yourself just how well Derulo has recovered.  Jason Derulo tickets will be collected in 13 U.S. cities.  His trek begins Oct. 15 when Jason Derulo performs in Royal Oak, Michigan and ends Nov. 2 with a Jason Derulo concert in Miami Beach, Florida at the Jackie Gleason Theater.

Other dates fans should be aware of include Oct. 22 when Jason Derulo performs in New York City; Oct. 24 when Jason Derulo visits Boston; and Oct. 30 when Jason Derulo has a concert in Atlanta.

Below, Clickitticket looks at other great singers/musicians that have endured serious accidents and returned to both the stage and the recording studio.  There are obviously more members then the eight I’ve enumerated below, but the following artists are a great place to start.

Bob Dylan
On the second to the last day of June 1966, Bob Dylan crashed his Triumph Tiger 100 motorcycle near Woodstock, New York (yep, that Woodstock).  According to Dylan, he broke several vertebrae.  I write “according” because an ambulance was never called and the folk legend never spent a day in a hospital.  Also, Dylan was failing miserably to meet several business obligations and the well-timed accident took a lot of pressure off the bard—something he freely admitted to later.  Dylan didn’t tour for eight years and didn’t enter a recording studio for 19 months (although he did record some songs at his home as well as another makeshift studio).

Peter Frampton
In 1978, Peter Frampton was in a serious car crash in the Bahamas.  The accident, which nearly took his life, really messed up the “Baby, I love Your Way” singer.  To add insult to injury, in 1980 all of his guitars were lost when a cargo plane crashed in Brazil—the aviation accident killed three people.  While Frampton kept working, his career took a nose dive.  He was able to revive it in 1987 when he recorded and toured with David Bowie.

Michael Jackson
On Jan. 27, 1984 Michael Jackson’s hair caught on fire while filming a Pepsi commercial.  The King of Pop suffered second-degree burns.  He then went on to have plastic surgery to hide burn scars.  The incident was big news as M.J. was at the height of his popularity; it was also fodder for comedians.  Pepsi and Jackson settled out of court for $1.5 million.  Jackson donated the settlement to a medical center in Culver City.

John Mayer
In the fall of 2011, John Mayer had surgery to remove granulomas from near his vocal cords.  The aliment interrupted the completion of his Born and Raised album.  For most of us, granulomas near the vocal chords may not be a reason to update our wills but if you make a living with your voice, like Mayer does, it’s extremely serious.  Granted, Mayer always has the guitar to fall back on if he suddenly went mute.  Still, this had to have been a worrisome time for Mayer.

50 Cent
On May 24, 2000, rapper 50 Cent was shot nine times by Darryl “Hommo” Baum, a friend and bodyguard of Mike Tyson.  50 Cent, who was sitting in a car outside of his grandmother’s home, was shot in the face, chest, both legs, hip, arm, and hand.  The bullets came from a 9mm handgun.  The rapper spent 13 days in the hospital but was fully recovered in five months.  The worst part of the shooting was that his friend was shot in the hand, his grandmother was in the yard, and his son was in the house.  Baum was killed three weeks later.

Trace Adkins
Trace Adkins is a walking M*A*S*H unit.  As a youth, he was in an accident that involved his truck colliding head-on with a bus.  He broke both arms, a leg, and some ribs.  Oh yeah, his nose was partially torn off (I shiver with the heebie jeebies). Adkins played football at Louisiana Tech but was forced to quit after a serious injury.  In 1994, he was shot by his ex-wife.  The bullet went through his heart and lungs.  If you ever find yourself standing near Trace Adkins make sure you keep your eyes and ears open.   

Django Reinhardt
Django Reinhardt is a jazz legend.  He’s one of the greatest guitarists of all-time and the first European to make a major contribution to the genre.  Reinhardt accomplished all that without the use of two fingers.  In 1928, Reinhardt returned form a gig and accidently knocked over a candle that set his caravan ablaze.  Friends and family pulled Reinhardt from the inferno but not before he had suffered serious burns over half his body.  Long term, the fire pretty much paralyzed the ring and pinky fingers of his left hand.  Reinhardt had to completely relearn how to play the axe.  He would solo with just two fingers and only used his paralyzed digits when playing chords.

Barry Manilow
Barry Manilow is in his seventies.  It’s not a shock if someone of that age goes to the hospital or needs the attention of a doctor.  However, Manilow has a long history of being rushed to the emergency room…

Oct. 25, 1978 — Fractured ankle before concert in Paris.
Feb. 4, 1982 — Caught bronchial pneumonia in Paris and forced to cancel nine dates.
Oct. 6, 1983 — Sprained ankle at benefit concert at the Royal Festival Hall in London.
Dec. 7, 1986 — Had a non-cancerous cyst removed.
May 13, 1989 — In middle of show at the Gershwin Theater, Manilow was rushed to hospital after suffering an adverse reaction to medication.
March 1996 — Underwent eye surgery.
June 26, 1997 — Bronchitis forced the postponement of five concerts.
May 22, 1999 — Rushed to hospital with infected mouth.
May 28, 2003 — Disoriented after waking up in the middle of the night, Manilow walked into a wall and knocked himself out.  He was passed out for four hours.
Jan. 31, 2004 — Manilow spent a day at the hospital after experiencing chest pains.  He was later diagnosed with an atrial fibrillation.
Aug. 29, 2006 — Had hip surgery.
Dec. 12, 2011 — Had hip surgery again and was forced to postponed to several U.S. concerts.

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The Black Keys Touring With Cage, Bugg And Vincent

by Noiz 19. August 2014 19:33

The Black Keys Touring With Cage, Bugg And Vincent

It begins Sept. 5 in Columbus, Ohio and ends Dec. 21 in Kansas City, Missouri.

I'm of course talking about the North American leg of The Black Keys’ “Turn Blue World Tour.”  The indie rock duo is hitting the highway to promote their eighth studio affair, Turn Blue.  Their oeuvre hit the streets in May and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200.  It was produced by the band and Danger Mouse (who also produced El Camino).

Turn Blue Track Listing
1. "Weight of Love"
2. "In Time"       
3. "Turn Blue"*                
4. "Fever"*        
5. "Year in Review"        
6. "Bullet in the Brain"*               
7. "It's Up to You Now"                 
8. "Waiting on Words" 
9. "10 Lovers"   
10."In Our Prime"           
11."Gotta Get Away"* 
*Released as singles

Highlights of the “Turn Blue World Tour” include a Sept. 20 The Black Keys concert in Brooklyn, a Nov. 6 The Black Keys performance in Inglewood (at the Forum), and a Dec. 15 The Black Keys show in Sunrise, Florida. 

The last big excursion Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney embarked on was their “El Camino Tour.”  That adventure began in January of 2012 and ended in July of 2013.  It was The Black Keys’ first extended outing as a headliner.  They tapped several great acts to open including Arctic Monkeys, The Flaming Lips, and Tegan & Sara.  The tour grossed more than $12 million.

Earlier in the year, The Black Keys entertained fans at the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  Then, from late June to early July, they played 15 Black Keys concerts all over Europe.

One of rock’s best twosomes are bringing along a threesome of great opening acts.  From Sept. 5 to Sept. 27, Cage the Elephant will warm up audiences.  From Oct. 24 to Nov. 16, the position is filled by Jake Bugg.  Then on Dec. 4, Bugg passes the baton to St. Vincent.  It’s her job until the end of the tour.

Cage The Elephant
Cage The Elephant is an experienced supporting act.  Before being tapped by The Black Keys, CTE opened for Stone Temple Pilots, Silversun Pickups, and Manchester Orchestra.  They’ve also appeared at Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, and The Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival.  Cage The Elephant hails from Bowling Green, Kentucky.  They’re known for their single “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” and their energetic live shows.

Jake Bugg
A huge moment in the musical life of Jake Bugg came when he heard Don McLean’s “Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) on The Simpsons.  That’s not exactly The Beatles on Ed Sullivan or Michael Jackson on the American Music Awards, but it works.  Bugg was born on Feb. 28, 1994 in Nottingham, England to musical parents.  The singer-songwriter released his first, self-titled album in 2012.  His sophomore effort, Shangri La, dropped the following year.  Bugg was introduced to American audiences thanks to performances on American Idol, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and Conan.  In December of 2013, Bugg sang at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo.

St. Vincent
St. Vincent is the stage name for singer and musician Annie Clark.  She took her nom de plume from the hospital Dylan Thomas died in; it’s also the middle name of her great-grandmother.  Before releasing albums on her own she was a member of The Polyphonic Spree and Sufjan Stevens’ touring band.  In 2012, she made an album with David Byrne called Love This Giant. Like Cage The Elephant, St. Vincent has toured with a lot of great artists including Arcade Fire, Death Cab for Cutie, and Grizzly Bear.  When asked if she was gay or straight, St. Vincent responded by saying that she believes in “sexual fluidity.”

Lara Stone
The Black Keys have been making headlines recently thanks to their new music video.  Theo Wenner, son of Rolling Stone magazine co-founder Jann Wenner, directed the seven-minute cinematic piece that goes with the song “Weight of Love.”

The video has been attracting attention because (it’s very long and) it stars supermodel Lara Stone.  Besides being on Forbes’ list of the World’s Top Earning Models, she’s also married to David Walliams, one half of the legendary comedy duo Little Britain.

All-Female Cult
In the video, Auerbach and Carney play televangelists while Stone plays the leader of an all-female cult.  And yes, this female cult doesn’t wear a lot of clothes.  While you see more risqué stuff on cable television the video isn’t safe for work. 

My favorite part of the movie is when the female cultists do jumping-jacks.  I say this not because it’s sexy and/or tantalizing.  I say this because it was quite funny.  The video has a very serious tone but supermodels doing jumping jacks are anything but staid.

As for the cult angle, that’s pretty tame too.  There’s no goat sacrifice or blood-letting.  In the end, all that happens is the women form a circle and hold hands.

The “Weight of Love” stars scantily-clad models but their music video to “Fever” could pick up some hardware.  Also directed by Wenner, the video has been nominated for “Best Rock Video” at the 31st annual MTV Video Music Award.  We’ll find out if The Black Keys are winners on Aug. 24.

NBA 2K15
There’s another medium by which you can enjoy The Black Keys.  Okay, it’s just one song, but it counts.  The Black Keys song “Everlasting Light” has been picked for the NBA 2K15 soundtrack.  The music for this highly anticipated game was compiled by Pharrell Williams.  The Akron, Ohio outfit joins the likes of Depeche Mode, No Doubt, Public Enemy, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Strokes, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.  The game will hit streets on Oct. 7.

Who Are The Black Keys?
The Black Keys were formed in 2001 although guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney met each other while in elementary school.  The band issued their first album in 2002 but didn’t receive national recognition until 2008 when they released Attack & Release.  The opus debuted at number 14 on the Billboard 200.  They followed that up with Brothers in 2010 and El Camino in 2011.  The albums peaked at number three and number two on the Billboard 200 (respectively).  Both have earned platinum certifications and produced a number of hit singles. 

Besides being one of the most successful and critically acclaimed alternative rock bands of their generation, The Black Keys are also one of the most decorated.  They’ve won seven Grammy Awards and were nominated for Record and Album of the Year in 2013.

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