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by Noiz 15. October 2009 05:47

ClickitTicket's Top Twenty Best Music Review Blogs

Keep in mind the Web changes over time, so the sites listed here may have changed since the time of this writing. You probably don't listen to the radio much anymore. With your portable MP3 player and your satellite radio you never get a chance to hear the local deejay spin the latest and greatest record. So how do you find out about new music? Well, you can always check out the blogosphere. To help you look through the many  music-related websites we have made a list of the top 20 music review blogs. After visiting these websites you'll want to buy so much new music based on these blogs that you might need to get an iPod with more memory. 



We used a number of important criteria to rank the blogs including Technorati ratings, website age, Alexa rankings (measures the site's traffic), unique information offered, how frequently updated and a number of other factors as well including our own personal opinions. We spent extensive time and effort researching sites and believe this list will guide many people to the music information they're looking for. Definitely take your time to go through all these, it will be worth your time. Bookmark this page as well.

And here are the winners . . .

  • Pampelmoose Music - Pampelmoose Music is indie at heart and they show it with their expert reviews and thoughtful commentary.
  • The Music Slut - A little brazen and a little risqué (NSFW) but worth it. TMS has a lot of great album reviews and music videos.
  • Just Like Music - A bright and energetic site that's easy to read. Our favorite part is the recommendations at the end of every review.
  • love shack, baby - Focusing on the Chicago indie music scene, love shack, baby is a well written and informative blog.
  • Slowcoustic - Slowcoustic reviews Americana/alt-country/folk/indie/down-tempo music. It's a nice site with a very relaxing layout.
  • The Music Ninja - A bright blog that reviews independent music from the past and present. The site contains lots of music samples
  • Pot Holes In My Blog - Their name is a take on De La Soul's “Potholes In My Lawn.” This blog expertly reviews a plethora of hip hop music.
  • Everybody Taste - A very unique site that is built on the principle that music is meant to be shared.
  • Too Much Happiness - The best aspect of this informative blog is sample mp3s from the albums they review.
  • The Decibel Tolls - The Decibel Tolls features plenty of well written reviews as well as "off center music solutions."
  • A New Band A Day - This site has a great look and feel to it. We really enjoy the menu that utilizes images of old school cassette tapes.
  • Randomville - Randomville is "killing indie creed one reader at a time." Don't know what that means but they do have poignant reviews and a plethora of music samples.
  • Indie Rock Café - A very professional site that's the place to go for everything indie music.
  • Spinning Platters - A bunch of Bay Area nerds have banded together to create a fascinating blog about their local music scene.
  • Hear Ya - A sleek blog that cuts through the clutter of indie music to give you honest and worthwhile reviews.
  • Music Zeitgeist - A serious and hardworking blog dedicated to indie music.
  • Quirky NY Chick - Yes this site is quirky and yes it's written by a chick, but it also has tons of reviews and news. If that wasn't enough, it's a great place to visit for news about the live music scene in NYC.
  • Deckfight - They bill themselves as "indie rock & lit with a southeast bent." Deckfight has a clean, simple layout that's inviting and easy to read.
  • Twang Nation - A well written and sagacious blog about country music, alt-country, roots music and Americana.
  • Atlanta Music Guider - You may not live in Atlanta, but they review the same musical acts that are headed to your town. A great resource for music lovers of all kind.

You've obviously noticed that most of these blogs focus on the independent music scene. The reason for this is simple, and in a way, quite sad. You can post independent music on your website without the fear of a cadre of lawyers knocking at your door. Unlike their mainstream counterparts, indie artists want their music heard and shared. And it should be siad here as well to make sure to support your local independent music scene whenever and wherever you can.


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